Customer Reviews

Look who recently ripped up those L plates & passed with Flying Colours!

Extremely helpful and friendly, enjoyable learning experience. Passed first attempt. Thank you for all your help. I would recommend Gareth to everyone.
Seren Moon  6/09/2011

Thanks for all your help, training was excellent very professional. I passed with ZERO faults in my driving test. Great driving instructor - thank you again.
Karen Cook. 15/09/2011

Excellent training, enhanced my driving skills on pass plus.
Chantelle Rogers  17/08/2011

I will recommend everyone to Gareth. After he gave me not only the skill to drive correctly ensured I had the confidence to pass my test 1st time with him. Do not hesitate to learn with him. He was always professional and prompt on appointments. The car was a bonus, what a lovely car to drive. My Wife is next...
Jonathan Smith  19/08/2011

I did a fast pass course which was a duration of 35 hours in 5 weeks and passed 1st time with just 4 minor faults. The training was of a very high standard and the lessons were always professionally conducted. I am now looking to do the pass plus course which only costs £20 through Gareth. Thanks Gareth for all your help and patience to get me through the test. if anyone is looking to learn contact Gareth.
Hannah Vowles - Abertillery  24/08/2011

Before I started with Gareth at flying colours I had a bad experience with my previous driving school and was not being developed or spoken to nicely!! But I was so very pleased I found myself Flying Colours. Gareth is a lovely Instructor who helped me through some difficulties. He is extremely calm and relaxed and explains the process in detail and runs over everything clearly. Without his excellent training I would not have passed my test. Thank you ever so much for all your help.
Liz Marks  10/08/2011

Great training thanks for all your help and patience - can't believe I passed on my first attempt.
Amy Leg  4/08/2011

Thank you for all your help, I passed with 4 minor faults and would recommend him to everyone.
Sue Thomas  22/07/2011

Very helpful and friendly instructor, excellent training from start to finish passed with just 2 minor faults.
Nia Edwards  21/07/2011

Did a 30 hour Fast pass course which was covered over just 3 wks and then passed my test. Everything was taken care of by Gareth, thanks for the great training and it was really enjoyable. Thank you for arranging the training around my work commitments.
Loc Nguyen  20/07/2011

GREAT DRIVING INSTRUCTOR, WILL GET YOU PASSED, really helpful with reversing the car etc.
Bradley Harris 9/06/2011

Passed first time with one minor fault, great driving instructor. Gave confidence explains everything in detail. recommended to anyone. Thanks.
Lucy Sandercock 14/07/2011

Zero faults.... Thank you very much, couldn't have done it without you.
Farrah Mcgrath 07/07/2011

He is a brilliant instructor who will go that extra mile for you. helped with a problem I had with the DSA and resolved it. His training is second to none and he is a really nice guy. I Passed 1st time with flying colours!
Scott Richards 9/06/2011

Excellent trainer I passed first time with him and will be doing pass plus with him also.
Matthew Watkins 26/05/2011

Thank you for all your help, could not have passed without your patient and helpful assistance.
Sara Williams 26/04/2011

Passed first time with just 1 minor driving fault, Gareth is a very good trainer and I recommend him to everyone.
Scott Sandercock 17/03/2011

Gareth made me feel at ease and really comfortable whilst being in the car and he is very pleasant, friendly attitude. Thank you for helping me pass.
Gemma Williams 14/03/2011

Passed my test with him first time. He is very good to learn with, I'm pleased with all the training and guidance. Thanks
Rhys Taylor 18/02/2011

He is a very nice person and very professional, passed within 4 months of starting from scratch. I would highly recommend him.
Beth Baxter 7/03/2011

I passed first time with Gareth, he is very good at explaining things to you. Will always go into detail if required to understand what to do. very patient and understanding with you and very reliable, he was always on time for my lesson.
Zara Price 20/01/2011

Gareth puts you at ease straight from the start, he is very professional and cares alot about the quality of his service
and his pupils. He is highly recommended by me, I did a lot of research and was pleased to find him. I passed 1st attempt.
Amanda Tarr 19/01/2011

Thanks for all your help, tremendous training and great car.
Jon James 12/12/201o

Awesome driving intructor, excellent training thanks Gareth.
Adam Holvey 19/11/2010

My driving training with Gareth started a week before my test... eeek!! I was previously with another driving school and I was still unable to do my manoevers!... Gareth literally saved me by taking me on at such late stage! his lessons are structured and professionally conducted to high standards, he always offers positive and constructive direction. I'm so glad I ended up taking lessons with him, I recommend that everyone else does too!
Elys Gilson 22/11/2010

Gareth is an exceptional instructor, he is very patient and understanding. he got me through my test first attempt in just 3 weeks, I'd recommend him to anyone
Carrianne Davies 01/10/2010

Very Good Instructor and cost effective training over a period of 8 weeks I passed my test 1st attempt, covered the new Independant drive in the training really well. I would recommend Gareth to all.
Jemma Bevan 6/10/2010

Excellent Course can't believe how it all went - passed 1st time with 1 minor fault.
John David 17/09/2010

Gareth gave me lots of encouragement and helped me throughout. I passed my test first time because of the incredible training I had, I would definately recommend you all to go with Gareth.
Zak Went 25/08/2010

Really pleased with all the training, Passed with only 1 minor fault! Would recommend him to people, he's really helpful and helped me to pass my test. thanks gareth.
Amalea Wright 13/07/2010

Gareth was very helpful throughout the training, I would recommend him to anyone. I did a fair amount of research looking into finding the right instructor and spoke to other people who had learnt with him and everyone praised him so highly, I can see why now.
Lauren Price 13/07/2010

Absolutely brilliant, very Patient and very thorough with training.
Gemma Anderson 14/07/2010

Gareth, is polite, Professional at all times. Would recommend to everyone for his ability to teach a novice to become a competant driver. Many thanks over and over for getting me through it first time.
Rachael Edwards 2/07/2010

I felt really comfortable and at ease when driving with Gareth, The training really helped me to be a confident safe driver. I passed my test first time with only 3 minors.
Danielle Payne 01/06/2010

Found my training with flying colours very good, Instructor was very pleasant and a pleasure to learn with. The training that helped me pass was above excellent.
Luke O'neill 15/06/2010

Always felt confident with Gareth and he helped me with all the questions that I had to put my mind at ease. Passed within a very period and the Mini was great fun to drive.
Nathan Edwards 14/06/2010

Excellent training, friendly service, really pleased with the overall experience and would definately recommend flying colours.
Lauren Dix 14/05/2010

10 hour Intensive course was excellent, passed first time, lovely to have learnt in a Mini.
Bethan Jones 28/05/2010

Passed with flying colours! 2 minors, thanks so much. only took 3 months training to do it.
Nathan Williams 12/04/2010

I had 5 lessons and passed my test first time, Gareth is an excellent Instructor.
Kris Price 8/04/2010

If you are very nervous and not a confident person like myself, then Gareth is the man for the job. He is patient and excellent at his job. You need someone like him to get you through it all, I never thought I could do it but he got me there and I passed!
Marie Ferriter 25/02/2010

I found Gareth's teaching skills very good and easy to learn. I had previously been with a different Instructor and failed my test 3 times. I feel like a wasted alot of time and money with the other the guy through bad training it cost me dearly. If I had started with Gareth I would definately have passed first time six of my Friends all passed first time with him.
Richard Beecham 14/12/2009

Gareth is excellent at what he does, I would recommend him to others. Thinking of doing Pass Plus now.
Matthew Wilson 17/12/2009

Very pleasant learning experience, very easily guided and this showed with a first time pass.
Chris James 10/12/2009

Very good Instructor, helped me loads and he's got fantastic patience. I only had 3 faults in test. I would recommend him to others who are nervous and lack confidence like me. My previous instructor let me down badly and always had me in tears, when I came to Gareth it was like a breath of fresh air and all the weight had come off my shoulders. Thanks so much..
Carly Jones 07/12/2009

I passed first time because of Gareth's brilliant training!
Sarah Valentine 1/12/2009

Made me feel at ease in the 5 day intensive course fitted everything in that was needed to pass first time. Really helped in so many areas of my driving, thank you so much.
Paul Styles 27/11/2009

Great guy thanks I passed 1st time it means so much, thanks mate.
Jamie Griffiths 18/11/2009

Passed 1st time, very good and thorough tuition. It was a pleasure to have met someone like Gareth.
Mark Hathaway 9/11/2009

Passed the driving test first attempt in just two months, superb training and guidance, always felt supported from first lesson to the test day. I would highly recommend Flying Colours..
Daniel Tew 08/10/2009

Past first time, excellent all round training and he is a very nice person.
Sam Best 01/10/2009

Thanks for all your help, great training.
Jacob Richards 7/10/2009

"Passed first time with a couple of minors, Flying Colours provide a professional service with excellent training provided. Always on time for appointments, he would go that extra mile if required. Mini cooper was great fun to drive"
Callie-Anne Healey 08/09/2009

"Passed 1st time with just 3 minor faults, training and instruction was excellent. Gareth was helpful throughout my training, he is very focused and flexible with lots of patience. I was always put at ease and made welcome"
David Roche 07/09/2009

"I Passed first time with Gareth, he is a lovely man and I thoroughly enjoyed learning with him. Thank you"
Nia Jones 26/08/2009

"Gareth is a really nice man, good instructor, he is easy going and I would recommend him to anyone"
Scott Philpotts 17/08/2009

"I loved learning to drive with Flying Colours. Gareth was friendly and very helpful with any problems I had. He is an excellent instructor"
Amy Williams 12/08/2009

"A great instructor who will help you overcome any problems and helps boost your confidence, Can't believe I passed 1st time now look forward to my pass plus course with him"
Tasha Pollendine 10/08/2009

"Excellent Instructor - passed in just 4 weeks at my 1st attempt with only 2 minors. Thanks very much for all your help"
Lee Humphrey 02/07/2009

"Came down to Abergavenny for a two day intensive residential course after failing in London with another instructor, Gareth is great, the technique he used made it easy for me much better than my last instructor. I passed on my 1st attampt (only 4 minor faults) with him and would have passed 1st time if I had trained with him from the start and saved alot of money in the process. I will be recommending all to come down for his training course, and the Mini Cooper was great to drive. This means so much to me thank you"
Mohamed Mughal 01/07/2009

"Thanks for having the patience to teach me. We finally got there, thanks for encouraging me to carry on. I suffer with my nerves and he put me at ease with his unbelievable patience. I think having a car will give me more freedom and help with my depression. You have helped to change my life and the way I live thanks very, very much I can't thank you enough"
Stephanie Thomas 19/06/2009

"He is a very pleasant instructor who is patient, found his teaching technique easy to follow. The Mini was also good fun to drive I loved it, thanks for helping me pass"
Alyssa Williams 17/06/2009

"Passed first time. Very good training and he is very patient, manouvres practiced until perfect. I felt really at ease in the car with Gareth, he always made me feel welcome - very nice instructor"
Amy Brown 11/06/2009

"Good quality instructor and his training was excellent - I passed first time with flying colours!"
Randeep Singh 10/06/2009

"The training was at an excellent standard, Gareth is a really genuine guy who really does make everything clear and explains things in a good way. The added bonus was the car"
Vicky Pritchard 11/05/2009

"Gareth is not only a Great driving instructor but a genuinely nice man. Very thorough training and very patient."
Scott Quirk 15/04/2009

"Great Instructor who know his stuff took an intensive course and I passed 1st time in just 4 weeks with just one minor fault for hesitating at junction otherwise I would have had a clean sheet. This is all down to the training Gareth provided - Loved driving the Mini it was great.
David Andrews 11/03/2009

"Thank you so much I passed first attempt with just 2 minors, Gareth is really friendly and great to get on with. Very good teaching techniques.
Joanna Rooke 25/02/2009

"I am very thankful to Gareth for helping me pass my driving test 1st time with just 1 minor fault, Excellent service"
Bethan Burton 15/01/2009.

"Very helpful, professional training, Gareth made it a pleasant experience learning and I passed 1st time with just 1 minor fault"
Arran Higginson 17/12/2008.

"Very impressed with quality of tuition. Felt at ease on each lesson and saw my driving improve markedly within the 1st few lessons, got me to pass my test. Will definately recommend Gareth"
Emma Court 08/12/2008

"Had training with other instructors and found flying colours much more professional and training worth every penny, the mock test really did help me pass my test 1st time with Flying Colours"
Gareth Loxton 04/12/2008

"Passed 1st time, thank you Gareth it was alot down to you that I passed on my first attempt thanks for all the help"
Scott Morgan 27/11/2008

"Passed first time with Flying Colours, found Gareth very easy to get get along with. Excellent training, I will be recommending him"
Matthew Edwards 20/11/2008

"I am Polish and was very nervous about finding a driving instructor who would not only teach me how to drive but also communicate and explain everything clearly. Every lesson was enjoyable and quality of service & training provided was excellent. I would recommend to everyone"
Lidia Piernicka 17/10/2008.

"I passed first time with him, very pleased with training. I would recommend to other people"
Matthew Ball 06/10/2008

"Very easy to get along with and very knowledgeable, very helpful with my training. I passed first time with Gareth. I have now completed pass plus with Gareth which was great"
Luke Davies 29/09/2008

"I passed 1st time with him, very good instructor with great knowledge and patience, Would'nt go with anyone else!! highly recommend him"
Christian Went 24/09/2008

"Pass plus course was taught well with lots of information by Gareth and was very helpful throughout the course. Found the course very beneficial towards my driving skills"
Ryan 22/09/2008

"Very knowledgeable instructor, Excellent trainer and enjoyable course"
Stuart Goodwin 22/09/2008

"Gareth is a very nice person and the training provided was excellent my driving improved every lesson, I passed with him and will recommend him he is an excellent trainer"
Sharon Clabby 11/09/2008

" Very helpful and patient instructor and I passed with flying colours on my first attempt with just 4 minors. Thank you again. "
Darren, Rassau

" My last instructor was not helping me develop after 10 hours on industrial estates. so decided to try someone new and found myself a great instructor at Flying colours. Gareth helped with areas of my driving that had not been developed and gave me confidence to be able to drive on the roads and develop my hazard perception and roadcraft and I passed first time ".
Jo, Rhymney

"Thank you for helping me pass my test failed with my previous instructor 3 times. I decided for a change and Gareth gave me all the training that was missing with my last instructor. He gave me the confidence I needed and I passed with just 1 minor fault. Don't look any where else great service, Thank you very much"
Steven, Tredegar 24/01/2008

"This guy is great I would recommend him to everyone, he is simply superb at what he does. He got me through the test with a pass. "
Darren, Tredegar 23/01/2008

"Very good at what he does I passed first time with Gareth, on a 1 month period of semi- intensive training, highly recommended instructor. "
Chris, Brynmawr 22/01/2008

"Thanks Gareth for all your help and late training sessions after work it was really appreciated. I passed with just 2 minors, even the examiner commented how good my driving was. "
Craig, Pengam 31/01/2008

"Excellent instructor, got me to pass without any problems at my first attempt. Thank you very much. He's a top man. "
Steve, Tredegar

"Gareth, Thank you so very very much! for your patience in learning me to drive. Can't believe I passed first time with just 3 minor faults. You must have all the patience in world and I would never have acheived this on my first attempt without all your help. Once again thanks. Pass plus course was also great for my confidence."
Rob, Tredegar 11/04/2008

"Excellent trainer, Patient, understanding, helpful. Good at explaining matters with thorough knowledge. Passed first time with his help. I'm now taking my Pass plus course with him. "
Ryan Sims, Tredegar 14/05/2008

"I had failed twice with another instructor. A friend then recommended me to Gareth at flying colours. Gareth helped me build up my confidence and my driving standards. I passed first time with him and I would recommend flying colours driver training to all. I also recently completed a Pass plus course which was full of information to help bring my driving to an even higher standard. Thanks, Gareth, for the motorway training it was great. "
Derian Edwards, Tredegar 29/05/08

"Great driving instructor, very professional and friendly. I would recommend him, I passed first time with just 2 minor faults. Thanks very much for all your help. See you again next month on my Pass plus. "
Amy Jones, Tredegar 24/06/2008

"Great training from a very skilled/patient driving instructor. Passed first time as well! "
Darryl - Tredegar

"I started having lessons without any driving experience 6 months ago and passed my test at the first attempt in September 2007, he has loads of patience and is a very professional instructor"
David - Tredegar.

"Passed first time with flying colours only had 1 minor fault he really is a great instructor with the training he provides I acheived this level of driving, he is a really nice gentleman to be taught by and also provided free assistance and helped me with my theory and hazard perception which I was having difficulty with. I would give him 10 out 10 for the training and service provided"
Matthew - Tredegar.

"Gareth is an excellent instructor , very patient and understanding, before taking lessons i had confidence issues and found the thought of driving upsetting, but Gareth made it seem so easy and was very understanding and calm with me at all times, i would highly recommend flying colours, especially to very nervous pupils or women pupils as Gareth is the perfect instructor "
Tracy - Cwmfelinfach.

"Gareth is a very patient and nice instructor helped me to achieve what I thought was not possible within a short time he's helped me loads "
Robyn - Tredegar.

"Thank you for your patience and for not making learning to drive a chore, passed first time with his help a really good driving instructor"
Abigail - Tredegar