Driving Instructor Training

Why become a Driving Instructor?

Qualifications to apply for the ADI Course:
  • You must be 21 or more when you apply for the licence.
  • You must have held a full driving licence for a minimum of three and a half years.
  • For DSA or Driving Standards Agency to consider your application, you should not have more than five points on your licence and have enhanced CRB check carried out, to ensure you are fit and proper person to teach. You should have good eyesight and be able to read a number plate from 90 ft.  You must apply only when you meet this requirement.

  • The ADI Training

    Your ADI exam will consist of three parts:

    Part I - Theory test (computer-based test)

    Part II - Practical test to check the driving abilities

    Part III - Practical test to check the instruction abilities of the applicant

    You will be able to get your ADI certification only when you pass all the three parts. You should pass these three tests within a period of two years and you will be able to move to the 2nd part only after completing the 1st part and to the 3rd part only after completing the 2nd part. In case, for some reason you fail to pass these tests within the stipulated 2 years time, you will have to start from part 1. There are no restrictions on the number of times you can take the part 1 & 2 ADI tests. However, you will be allowed to make only three attempts at part 3 within the stipulated two years.

    Besides Formal Qualifications

    Becoming a driving instructor is not just about having the required certifications. If you want to be a good driving instructor, you should work on your communication skills so that you will be able to motivate your students. You should also possess excellent driving skills and certainly well above the average driving skills expected of all of us to get our driving licence. You should be under control even in the worst driving situations. Therefore, it takes more than just a few qualifying certificates.

    Our training methodology will groom you as an excellent trainer who will be able to motivate your pupil. You will be trained to come up with customized lesson plans to suit the requirements of your students. We consider it as our responsibility to help you become not just a good driving instructor but also into a successful franchisee. We  will help you acquire the skills of a good driving instructor. You will soon realize that it is one thing to be a good driver and it is completely different thing to be a driving instructor.  There are various payment options and for more information on our payment options, please do get in touch with us.

    Part I – Theory

    You will be provided with theory workbooks, CDS and Manuals that will serve as your resource for all the theoretical aspects of the course. You are expected to your personal study at your own convenience. This gives you an enormous amount of flexibility with your course. After studying the course material, you will be expected to give your test that can be arranged with us once you are ready. During the preparation period, you will be able to interact with your trainer and get your doubts clarified and to get guidance from your trainer.

    Multiple Choice Questions

    The theory test will be a computer-based test with 100 multiple-choice questions. To pass the theory exam you need to get a minimum of 85 answers right and you should get a minimum of 80% in the test. The test will cover the following areas - traffic signs and signals, mechanical knowledge, car control, road procedure, pedestrians, disabilities law, driving test, publications and instructional techniques.

    Hazard Perception Test

    The theory test will also consist of Hazard Perception Test using 14 video clips. You need to identify the developing hazards in the video clips. All the clips will have at least one developing hazard and one of the videos will have two such developing hazards, which have to be identified. Out of 75 marks, a minimum of 57 marks is required to pass this section.

    Part II – In-Car Training

    Here you will have 15 hours of intense in-car training to ensure that your driving skills rise above the average to meet DSA standards.

    Part III – Instructional Ability

    The course includes 40 hours of in-car training to help you acquire instruction skills. This will also prepare you for the final test. The final test will have two half hour driving lessons in which the examiner will act as your student to assess your instructional abilities.

    After the successful completion of the course with Flying Colours driver training and getting your DSA license, you will be able to operate as a fully qualified ADI and join the Flying Colours Associate Franchise.

     How to apply?

    If you would like to apply for our Driving Instructor training, do feel free to contact us.  We will talk you through the application process and the training courses available. You can contact us at: enquiries@flyingcoloursdt.co.uk or Phone 01495 400100

    Driving School Franchise

    The key benefits of a Flying Colours franchise are:

  • Only one instructor per area
  • Advertising on Google
  • First 4 weeks FREE*
  • No minimum term agreement
  • £49 p/w franchise fee**
  • 4 weeks franchise holiday pro-rata
  • No hidden costs or pupil fees
  • Your own website
  • Full marketing support including advertising, stationery and car livery
  • Complete business support, including accounts template, pupil pass record sheets and other downloadable content
  • Work the areas and hours to suit you
  • All qualified Instructors welcome
  • Additional help for those undertaking their part 3 examination
  • Car leasing options available
  • *Should the contract be terminated within 6 months of the agreement starting, then the initial 4 weeks free franchise will be charged at a rate of £49 per week.

    ** £49 per week excludes car, franchisee owned cars must meet our requirements and be fully insured for the purpose of driving tuition with dual controls.

    We are excited to now offer a Flying Colours Driver Training Franchise.

    Are you a driving instructor that is fed up with their existing franchise?

    Are you a PDI that is looking at getting sponsored while you complete your training?

    Then look NO further!

    Contact us on: enquiries@flyingcoloursdt.co.uk or Phone 01495 400100